Consistently Smarter Business®

With our partnerships and revolutionary technology, Accurence leads the way in automated adjusting.

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Building the Future

The insurance industry is evolving: the number of guidelines are increasing, adjuster expertise is diminishing, repair methods are becoming ever more complex, and consumers expect a faster, more streamlined settlement process. Building a future where multiple information sources function collaboratively, efficiently, and in uniformity necessitates a centralized system to synthesize and interpret those data depending on each insurer’s unique guidelines.

The Accurence Platform

The Accurence Smart Automated Guideline Engine (S.A.G.E.™) is that centralized system. It automates key adjusting components including: inspection, claim documentation, scoping, estimating, and auditing across multiple perils. S.A.G.E. learns and adapts to inputs while consistently processing claims data, creating the ability to effectively leverage new workflows and integrate additional sources of digital loss data. That’s what we mean by consistently smarter business.

SettleAssist® – expanded features and functionality to automate more of the claims process.

QualityAssist® – instantly audit 100% of your claims before the settlement.

CollaborationAssist® – adjusters can refer steep and tall roof inspections.

ScopeAssist® – standout from first knock to job complete.

RoofCheck® – automated 50-point inspections and reports.

With the Accurence S.A.G.E.-enabled platform and the Assist solutions, automated adjusting is now both possible and efficient. With Accurence, you can accelerate the execution of new workflows to turn your claims settlement processes into a competitive advantage, market differentiation—and ultimately, brand loyalty.