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Accurence’s patented, proprietary Smart Automated Guideline Engine (S.A.G.E™) provides insurance carriers detailed control over claim documentation, scoping, estimating and quality processes. S.A.G.E is the foundation for fully automating adjusting, it powers our Assist products and now can manage multiple types of property loss.

Introducing QualityAssist®

Audit 100% of your claims

QualityAssist gives instantaneous feedback on all estimates before the settlement, to ensure all estimates comply with your guidelines.

Inside QualityAssist are thousands of bots checking and reporting on every minute detail of each estimate.

QualityAssist automates estimate reviews with documented suggestions of scope changes, highlights missing items, and provides workmanship validation.

  • Developed with 9 of the 15 largest carriers
  • Over 10,000 logic bots
  • Virtually limitless variations to meet any requirement

QualityAssist audits 100% of your claims so you can focus on your top quality drivers:

  • General  – implement continual learning on ALL claims across multiple perils.
  • Salvage  – for commercial claims and meeting corporate sustainability goals.
  • Water  – help adjusters and vendors meet NFIP and your specific requirements.

By reporting back in real time, QualityAssist enables corrections to be made before the settlement, thereby increasing RCV accuracy and simultaneously optimizing training.

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We added functionality that automates even more of the settlement process

SettleAssist features

Built on your customized S.A.G.E platform to bring consistency and accuracy to the settlement process.
Incorporate your guidelines into inspection forms, in line help, and smart photo captioning. Plus, SettleAssist supports integrations with other sources of inspection data and optimizes workflows by enabling collaboration with third-party inspectors.
Automated captions, speech-to-text or quick captions, image compression, wireless uploads directly into Xactware®.
Automated calculations, related assembly actions, aerial Roof CAD consumption for roof edge analysis, steep slope categorization, low slope material triggers, underlayment calculations, and more
SettleAssist turns the scope of repair into an estimate by applying carrier, state, and policy depreciation guidelines, inserting company notes into line items, and laying out the estimate in the company’s preferred format.
Complete all types of estimates in Xactimate® with automated line item notes, captioned inspection photos, line item layout, folder structure, document attachments, and more.

We continue to expand SettleAssist to create efficiencies for our carrier partners.

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Start using field data in a whole new way

Capturing inspection data, which has been traditionally written on a note pad and thrown away, opens new possibilities. Organizations can use this newly accessible data to enact exception based quality assurance file review versus random selection helping office teams focus on the right files more often. Trends in inspection data can be leveraged to increase operational efficiency. ACV and supplements can become more straightforward improving processing times for desk teams.


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